Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

“TROY – Wow!
Sometimes one has to look in corners and crevices to find the best the area arts scene has to offer. Such is the case with the Theatre Institute at Sage’s 50th Anniversary Second Stage production of Edward Albee’s staggering masterpiece “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”…a small, excellent cast.

David Bunce and Leigh Strimbeck play George and Martha. Bunce, easily doing his best work ever, is remarkable as George, and Strimbeck is often genuinely fearsome as the cat in the corner Martha. They hurl insult after insult, while riding waves of emotion, Scotch and gin.

They make this the best “Woolf” I have seen (which is saying something, considering it’s my favorite play)…This play is not light. It is as dark as art gets, and it plunges headlong into the inky depths of the crippled American spirit…Very recommended”

— Albany Times Union Arts Beat Blog by Michael Eck, 11/2012

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