Glass Menagerie

“Leigh Strimbeck’s flawless portrayal of Amanda makes her a dynamo of delusion, keeping the present at bay with coquettishness unsuited to her age and shrill demands when reality can’t be ignored.“

— Steve Barnes, Times Union

“Ms. Strimbeck is different from her predecessors; she is more feminine and more sprightly…The anger is still present, but it’s tempered by real love and concern for Tom and Laura. Her laughter is sometimes a giggle. Her fear of the future hurts her more than the deep anger that audiences have expected. This makes her a more sympathetic woman who deserves our understanding. Her performance is almost endearing.“

— Macey Levin, Berkshire On Stage

“Leigh Strimbeck is fearless as she accentuates every negative trait of this woman who, in trying to love her children, drives them away. Strimbeck plays the mother from hell as annoying, self-centered and manipulative. Yet, her performance gains the audience’s sympathy no matter how much you despise her methods of parenting.“

— Bob Goepfert, WAMC

“Brett Mack and Leigh Strimbeck ignite the evening … Both actors have dived deep into the lines and made them their own with their terrific listening and their superb empathic and creative skills. It is some kind of alchemical magic that these actors can make this dialogue so fresh, alive and urgent 80 years after the play came out.“

— Patrick White, Nippertown

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